Was Abraham accused of sexual abuse?

We’re not accusing him ourselves (though we acknowledge Abe’s admission that he physically abused the children, described in further detail by the children during their retractions, as well as in Justice Paulfrey’s court hearing report). In fact, ironically, the question has been raised not by us but by Abe’s “friends” over at Hampstead “Research” (and we accept that it’s a question worth asking in the interest of full disclosure). This comes in from Agent B in light of one of her tunnelling expeditions:

It seems HR is the new mouthpiece of Ella and Abe, since one of their lot has made contact and folded them into the group. Earlier this from Abe, who speaks of himself in both the first and third person in the same article. What particularly caught my eye was this bit: 

‘You see, A only knew the children for 3 months before the disclosures so could not be responsible for the long term sodomy that the children suffered.’


And then, from Angie, in a comment about the appeal ideas of TimV  (June 1, 7:31 pm):

‘Excellent. Also the original medical evidence confirmed chronic long term rape sodomy etc with scarring tgus debunking completely their scapegoat theory against Abe as he only knew the children 3 months. Before this impeccable medical evidence was wilfully discredited and set aside by Pauffley & Co there was a duty to investigate LONG TERM CHRONIC abuse for which Abe could not be framed and therefore adds to criminal negligence or incompetence on the part of the investigating police. The same esteemed medical doctor confirming severe chronic abuse of both children had had her expert testimony debunked in a previous case …she flagged sexual abuse in BABY P but was over ruled and tragically that poor baby died an horrific death. And if course there will be additional evidence not disseminated here for the other side to peruse ahead of the appeal right!’

So it seems that the buggery by Abe is a possibility that has been floated and HR/Abe are keen to defend.

The Police, in their response to a letter from HR, responded by saying that the satanic element of the inquiry is now closed down, but they are still looking into the possible sexual abuse of the children. So apart from the possibility that it was Abe, I also ask myself whether Ella did not leave the children with near strangers when swanning off to various places around the world, rather than letting RD play a role, in her narcissistic rage towards him,  and whether this is where the abuse could have taken place.

As an aside, I’m surprised at Angie quoting Dr. Hodes as some saviour of children who, had others listened to her, could have saved the life of baby P. However, she only got involved in writing a report after baby P’s death. See for yourself at:


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  1. I maybe missing something but i can’t find the part in the medical report that states the children were chronically abused or suffered long term sexual abuse. Not even regarding what they thought were fissure scars.

    If I havn’t missed something then perhaps they assume that a scar must be from a long time ago. Yet scars can form within weeks and months. Alternatively, they are taking the timing of some of the children historical scars and assuming all the scars were historical.

    I personally think there is a good chance that Abraham sexually abused the children. Further, we don’t know who else they came in contact with in Morocco, or who they were left with.

    That is why your comment about who else had been in these kids lives is such a good point. I wonder if Ella has had other relationships, one night stands…etc between the end of her relationship with RD and starting with AC.

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  2. Agreed, DS. In act, I edited out a sentence from Agent B which appeared to confirm that. You’re right – long-tem sexual abuse seems extremely unlikely.


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