Hoaxteader in-fighting: Jacqui the Troll kicked out of Facebook group

Agent C just found this in the comment thread on Jacqui the Troll‘s slanderous post supporting Neelu Berry’s lies about the assault that never happened (see the full video for what really happened):


It confirms what we suspected – that Jacqui the Troll was banned from the Justice for Hampstead Abused Children Facebook group. It seems that even they no longer want anything to do with this nutter. Ah, Hoaxteader bickering – always a pleasure to see. Oh and if you fancy a bit of tunnelling and/or boat-rocking, get yourselves over to said FB group 😉


2 thoughts on “Hoaxteader in-fighting: Jacqui the Troll kicked out of Facebook group

  1. I am coming here to post, you can delete it if you want to, or Jacqui Farmer might ask you to, we are sick of her stupid articles. They are a disgrace. They are full of absolutely nothing valuable and do the cause an injustice.
    We chucked her off because she is just so extreme and bizarre!!

    We don’t want her running the Hampstead Research blog, we want her off just as much as you want her off.

    We don’t know who she is, she uses a fake name, and presents far too much for anyone to read in one day. And it is full of irrelevant material.

    She seems to have appointed herself as the mouthpiece for the Hampstead children.

    We want her to stop!!!!

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  2. Can’t say I am surprised I hope you manage to get rid of her, then the truth will come out as far as you lot are concerned, you might actually start to look at the evidence instead of listening to fruitcakes like her. And Belinda and the rest of them!!

    Go and take another look at the documents Sabine (didn’t) leak !! Read them properly. And have a real good hard think about it, logically, sensibly taking out the stupid suggestions that have been implanted in your head.

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