Hampstead Research: A Legal Warning From Sandra

Thank you to Sandra Jones, one of our lovely supporters, for this:

emily fb post hampstead research harassment warning

In a post earlier today, Jacqui boasted about spying on yet another innocent young woman via her Facebook page and rummaging through her personal photo album (a level of creepiness that frankly makes me shiver). She then illegally posted one of this girl’s photos on the Hampstead “Research” blog. The photo also includes two of the young lady’s friends, who also have a moral and legal right to privacy. Incidentally, the young woman in question has recently had a baby, so has a lot to deal with. Of course, this doesn’t get her any mercy from the evil Jacqui Farmer.

“Ah but why would Jacqui stoop so low?” I hear you ask. “Why would she do something like that? Is she some kind of creepy stalker?”

Well – yes, she is a creepy stalker, as everyone knows. But on this occasion there’s a…ahem…method in her madness. You see, said picture depicts the three girls in question standing in a row, making a light-hearted “Shh!” gesture (it’s actually a rather nice pic, if I’m honest). Ergo, they must be witches. Right? Because it presumably reminds Jacqui of Macbeth. See? So presumably, Another piece of damning proof from Professor Farmer. No? Oh ok, just Jacqui, then. (And I assume she’s preparing the medieval ducking stool as we speak.)

So Agent C posted a polite comment about this on said thread, inviting Jacqui to explain herself. However, as usual, Jacqui deleted Agent C’s comment within minutes of him posting it. She has also now deleted Sandra Jones’s questions too, which have clearly made Jacqui squirm. Unfortunately for Jacqui, however, Sandra managed to screenshot her comment before Jacqui frantically deleted it.

By the way, deleting comments is, presumably, part of Jacqui’s “absolute transparency” that she was preaching about this morning (LOL).

But I digress. The point is that screenshots of this post have been added to the detailed dossier of evidence that we’ve been gathering on Jacqui’s criminal activities and passing on to Barnet Police. Her arrest is imminent.




16 thoughts on “Hampstead Research: A Legal Warning From Sandra

  1. Agent 0 reporting to HQH
    Jacqui is transparent
    we can all see right through her
    I will await your instructions re receiving the court papers
    There will be some therapy offered for those worried about the threats

    Off to get some invisible ink

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  2. I would not even bother commenting on Hampstead Research, I made a comment a good while back, there was nothing whatsoever in its content that warranted deleting!! But, she did, after that I thought why bother, they are not interested in the truth, all they are interested in is their side of the story however warped it is.

    Miss J Farmer is eventually going to bring her own downfall into play. It is inevitable, her ego will over run any sense of integrity, not that she has displayed any so far. There are a cabal, or cult whichever you want to call it, all with the same agenda, self promoting. Although she does go under a false ID, but that is not invincible either, and would not take much to discover who she really is, if that has not been achieved already.

    I am confident that she will be arrested and brought to justice.

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  3. My only question is why is it taking THIS long to shut her down? Frankly – this is one case where the powers that be NEED to be making actual arrests.

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    • I know, it’s frustrating. But sit tight, my friend – there are things I can’t say in here but let’s just say we and the Police know the who and the where. It’s just a question of when now.


  4. I hope Sandra Jones gets our names right for the police.

    THE NET IS CLOSING …they can believe that or not, it is up to them.

    Egotists cannot fail but to give up information. We don’t need to tunnel do we Scarlett Babes, they give it to us on a plate. Yum Yum….one scoop or two sweetiepie

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  5. Oh…..help…. I have nothing to wear. I do so like to look presentable, especially in court.
    Hope they let us know the date of the court appearance soon, so I can get down to the Blue Cross Sale.
    What colour are you going to wear Scarlet? I am not sure yet, two piece, trousers, dress oh dear…I am in a quandary now…

    Eek, must get a hair appointment too…are you going to wear that lovely hat babes….I might not wear one don’t want to get hat hair in front of the Judge……you know what it is like….they are so corrupt … I might be able to swing a deal, well swing something anyway.

    Hope I get frisked by the security guys wooooohooo SOoooooo looking forward to it.

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    • Ooh, I reckon I may have to live up to my name and wear scarlet. How about the full Miss Scarlet look? Just don’t tell them it was me in the drawing room with a rope. What Reverend Green and I get up to in our spare time is our own business.

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    • Well, give us a link to your website, Freddy, so that we can all learn from your awesomeness.

      Anyway, if you’re not satisfied by the service we provide, would you like a refund? Oh no, wait – we do this for free. You’re welcome.

      Oh and it’s spelt ‘bollocks’. Spelling lessons are also free. Don’t mention it.

      By the way, what’s the weather like in Stockton today?

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  6. Fred you are free to debate here, what are your opinions on say, Abe hitting the children, the Mother sticking tubes up the children’s rectums, or, even Abe kicking the children in the privates while their mother watched. Also do you think it is acceptable to reveal children’s testamonies of abuse on the internet? It is against the law. I would be interested to hear your opinions..

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  7. I am going to make him a cup of tea and give him some biscuits, he is wanting to say something. I have plumped up the cushions and got a nice warm fire…..he will be back, he wants to tell us all about it.

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  8. I am just ‘gagging’ for the letters I will write to ‘Jacqui’ while she is sitting down there in the punishment block, on her little platform, bereft of any internet buttons to click or any other reading material (they don’t provide any).

    She’ll be in the punishment block under Rule 43 because she will be so scared of all the intimidation and threats she’ll be getting from the prison population. It’ll be the only place she feels safe. It won’t be because of what she’s done that they will try to lynch her. No, it’ll be because of her behaviour, her arrogance and her display of contempt for other human beings. Her fellow cons will sniff that out and go for the jugular. Just desserts, I say. Karma.

    ‘Jacqui’s’ prison term will feel like it’s been multiplied by 100. Time really slows down in the block. ‘Tick…tock…’

    She’ll have plenty of opportunity to really think about the Satanism she so relishes and, actually, really celebrates: After all, why would she be giving it such good PR? Think about the Church of Satan comments littering that site, her deference towards ‘Rev Fraize’, her frequent references to ‘good Satanists’ and her promotion of the Church of Satan via radio interviews etc.

    What a twisted person this ‘Jacqui’ really is.

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