Excerpts From Neelu’s Court Adventures

Further to our Neelu gets some lessons on the law post, below are some amusing excerpts from the transcripts of Nutty Nelly’s ongoing hilarious attempts to arrest judges (then wonder why she keeps getting into trouble with the rozzers). In the last month, she’s managed to get chucked out of two courts – followed, of course, by countless blogs about how she’d “successfully” removed various judges from office! Enjoy:

MRS BERRY: Yes, I’m always allowed to speak.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: Well, it will be up to me whether you are allowed to speak, not up to some other judge…Yes, how can I help?

MRS BERRY: Mr McCormack actually committed perjury before Judge May.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: Do you want to sit back down?

MRS BERRY: The commercial lien, sir, is to do with the dishonour, is to do with the dishonour by the firm. There is a counterclaim of £42 million. That is the £6 million times seven under biblical law, the Leviticus for the dishonour…


MRS BERRY: Which is fraud, perverting course of justice and treason rolled into one…I have to issue you with a notice to cease and desist. If you fail to cease and desist, then I will have no option but to issue you with a notice of dishonour to your person in the sum of £5 million for the treason that you will be committing. You will become party to that and then I will also have no option but to remove you from public office and issue you with a citizen’s arrest for that. You’ll then become the last person who’s going to be liable for all the… all the treason committed by Judge May…Judge Baucher…Judge Saggerson, Judge Kitchin, so you are the last person to…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: I am the last one in the line?

MRS BERRY: Sir, that’s the notice of dishonour in a commercial lien in the sum of £5 million that is issued to any public servant acting with dishonour….And you won’t need to work again and none of the judges have to come back to work and they can just enjoy their time, so it’s a good win for everybody, sir, and you’re going to be the first person to get the ball rolling here today…This court can cease trading…You have now committed treason so I’m arresting you…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: Are you going to…

MRS BERRY: Because unfortunately…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: Are you going to leave or am I going to have to call somebody?

MRS BERRY: Unfortunately your public liability, professional liability does not cover you for the dishonour you’ve committed today so it would be your personal assets that would be seized.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: Are you going to leave or am I going to need to call somebody?

MRS BERRY: What do you intend to do? I should be calling the police on you, I should be getting your [inaudible] number for the treason you’ve committed today, otherwise I will not be a good citizen, a good person. Can I ask if you’re on your oath of office today?

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: Could you get somebody to clear my court please? I am going to go and sit in my office. All right, thank you.

MRS BERRY: You’re abandoning the court, sir, and so I declare this court null and void.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: All right, thank you.

[Hearing ends]

Full transcript:


THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Yes, well that really is not helping me, so what I am going to…

MISS BERRY:  This country has been under the Uniform Commercial Code…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  What I am going to do – thank you – what I am going to do…

MISS BERRY:  The Uniform Commercial Code, I’m issuing you with a notice of dishonour under UCC 1-308 and 3-503, notice of dishonour before commercial lien on you personally…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Miss Berry, I am going to ask you…

MISS BERRY:  …your name being District Judge Bowles…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  I am going to ask you to be quiet.  If you are not going to be quiet I shall ask the police to come and remove you.  Now, I do not really want to do that again because it gets a bit tedious, so I would just be grateful if…

MISS BERRY:  I’m sorry; the police were not called to remove me.  I called the police…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Well, I will call the police…

MISS BERRY:  …to investigate the fraud committed by the judge…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  I will call the police to remove you…

MISS BERRY:  …Judge Mullis…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  …if you do not sit quietly because McKenzie friends are there to assist…

MISS BERRY:  You are not required to call the police.  I’ve not requested you to call the police.  You’re required…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  You are not assisting by the comments that you are making.

MISS BERRY:  You’re required to be honourable towards me in this matter that I have…I’m issuing you with a cease and desist notice now before commercial lien…This is your commercial lien against you in the sum of £5 million for the dishonour you’ve done today, you personally and that’s to seize your personal assets…There’s a complete treason being committed here on a daily basis and you’re not under your oath of office…I’m asking you to recluse yourself from this matter otherwise you’ll be subjected to the commercial lien.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Good day to you, madam.

MISS BERRY:  Which is already with every MP in this country and now your name, you’re an interested party in it, you’re a named defendant in it.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE: I do not think so. Thank you very much. You may go.

MISS BERRY:  Okay, so if you’d like to assist me in my commercial lien?

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  No, I am asking you to leave the court.

MISS BERRY:  It’s due for settlement and that is your personal assets will be seized as a result of your actions today.  I’ve put you on formal notice…

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  I am going to ask you once more to leave the court please?

MISS BERRY:  I’ve put you on formal notice that you have committed treason today, you have dishonoured me and my sister and my family, the Chaudhari clan.  You do not have the authority to do so.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Thank you very much.

MISS BERRY:  Because you are acting outside your oath of office.


MISS BERRY:  And I’m arresting you.

THE CLERK:  Can you leave the court now.  He has asked you to leave.

MISS BERRY:  For treason.  I’ve issued you with a citizen’s arrest.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Thank you very much.

MISS BERRY:  For treason.

THE DISTRICT JUDGE:  Good day to you.

MISS BERRY:  And the Uniform Commercial Code…

THE CLERK: Can you leave the court room?  You have been asked to leave.

MISS BERRY:  1-308, 3-503, notice of dishonour before commercial lien.


[Hearing ends]

Full transcript:


Thanks to Agents M and B for these links 🙂


On a serious note, mental illness is no laughing matter and we at Hoaxtead Research all hope that Neelu gets the help she so urgently needs instead of being constantly egged on in her humiliating antics by the likes of Sabine McNeill, Belinda McKenzie and Jacqui Farmer. Shame on them.


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3 thoughts on “Excerpts From Neelu’s Court Adventures

  1. Shocking. How sad and shameful, here we have a severely effected mentally ill woman and NO-ONE has bothered to try and help her!! Where are her family? Why haven’t they had her sectioned and treated?

    She listens to Annett, he seems to be her inspiration, not a very worthy master is he?, he talks absolute rot, he should be removed from society as well.

    I agree Belinda, Sabine and ANY other person who has encouraged her to carry on with this tripe, ARE responsible for Neelu doing what she does. We all saw Belinda outside the court, standing next to Neelu, Belinda was finding it extremely hard NOT to laugh when Neelu was explaining how she arrests judges and who they were. You could see Belinda just wanted to turn around and burst out laughing, but any normal sane person would have realised this…but Neelu would not, she is mentally ill and thinks that Belinda prompting her is a good thing, encouragement, but in reality Belinda is using her as the campaign’s JOKER. It saves Belinda opening her mouth and having to commit to anything, just shove Neelu up front Belinda and let her take the flak.

    Sabine is the same, she uses Neelu, and where is Sabine, OH YES she ran away. Cowardly disgusting bitch!!

    The real shocking part is Neelu with NEVER realise she was/is being used as a Court Jester!!

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  2. I’m disgusted that people are standing by and letting Neelu do this when she needs to see a psychiatrist. She is risking contempt of court and it’s only a matter of time before she gets a prison sentence. I suppose once this happens Belinda and the others will promote her as a martyr and build a campaign round it. Shame on all of them. They need to do the right thing but I doubt they will.

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