Embarrassing new Belinda McKenzie documentary on the horizon

Posted by Keelan Balderson of Wide Shut:

“Just saw a draft of the documentary I mentioned a while back. There’s only a sound bite featured from me, but the maker is meeting with VICE to hopefully commission a longer version, so hopefully I make the cut with my scathing comments about Belinda.

The good news is she comes across as a fool and backtracks quite strongly. She’s almost sorry for supporting the story and says ‘they’ need to drop the Satanic element.

There was a young lady who filmed some of the campaigning and went to Belinda’s house for a documentary. Basically just an impartial look at the whole story. I answered a few questions as well.

So far there’s only 10-12 minutes edited, but there’s a lot of footage and she’s hoping to get it on VICE or do a film festival circuit. Eventually it will end up online.

It’s impartial but even in just those few minutes Belinda and co reveal themselves. She seems embarrassed by it all, and the rest of them just ramble about ‘reality’ and so forth.”

Thanks, Keelan. We shall look forward to this. Keep us posted!

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Belinda picking her nose. And why not? It’s a free country!


5 thoughts on “Embarrassing new Belinda McKenzie documentary on the horizon

  1. P O P C O R N TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am looking forward to that !! Belinda is such a liar she never remembesr what she has said, have watched plenty of that on the internet already.

    She did the same with Hollie Greig Case she is a con woman with plenty of experience.
    Has anyone ever stopped and thought ….why is this freaky spiteful malicious woman still walking the streets and yet others that have been involved in these scams with her have either been arrested, imprisoned or waiting trial.

    WAKE UP!!!!

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  2. Hope they ask her what happened to the 75 millions squids that she nicked from that Iran Aid charity.
    from what i have been reading she is a criminal who would want to believe anything she said she has paypal buttons all over the place and if there i money to be sent it is to her address in highgate

    i hate the woman she is a scammer and she has ruined chance for the true abused to come forward bet they think if they do they will be called out as liars she has done untold damage and her bloody mate sabine

    yeah you are right Kane why is it Belinda still can go and do talks and never get arrested for all she has done she should have been arrested and locked up

    i was thinking that too she has to be employed by some organisation to remain FREE

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    • I suspect she may have spent all the money she embezzled on skulls, couldrons and broomsticks. The medical report found broomstick scarring on her tufty-funnel and Penny Pullen has conducted a thorough water-dowsing reading which came back positive. She’s in it up to her scraggy neck!


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