Absolute Transparency – Jacqui Keepin’ It Real!

In between using a fake name, frantically deleting uncomfortable questions from the Hampstead “Research” comment board, refusing requests by Hampstead parents for a Q&A session and using expensive software to disguise her voice in her threatening videos, Jacqui “The Troll” Farmer has managed to find some time to give everyone a lecture on transparency, bless her, along with a riveting précis of her oh so dignified past:

“Because L could live with absolute transparency. And so could I…This is not because I am particularly virtuous…But I’m real…I had an affair…it didn’t cause much damage…I enjoyed various drugs…I never hurt anyone except myself…When I was a punk teenager and had no money I shoplifted hairspray from Superdrug on more than one occasion. And I had a few boyfriends…So what you boring little Scarlet Scoop…Who cares about these minor transgressions?…So I’m not blushing.”

See the rest of that post about Jacqui’s admirable existence and outlook on life here (and don’t forget the popcorn):


Disclaimer 1: our team members, to be fair, also use fake names. In our case, however, this is a very sensible security measure in light of the countless death threats that Hoaxteaders have levelled against us and our families. You can see some of them in various screenshots and videos here;


Disclaimer 2: I’m not entirely sure why she directed those comments at me specifically. Besides, we have plenty of juicy info’ on her already, as do the Police.



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  1. I wonder if she would be willing to email Sabine or Ella and get a copy of that Jean Clement secret recording…in the name of transparency….oh,and research.

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