Neelu gets some lessons on the law

…In particular, on how both the court system and the Freedom of Information Act work 🙂

Thanks to Agents M and B for these links. Enjoy:


Nutty Nelly and her weird mates preparing to storm the Courts of Justice 😀


6 thoughts on “Neelu gets some lessons on the law

  1. Is that a secret Masonic sign that Penny Pullen is doing there ??? Isn’t putting your hand on another person’s shoulder some kind of sign?? Oh just been told, doing it in a picture is used by TOP level masons. What does it mean??

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  2. Information : just coming in
    Secret sign display by Pullen
    Meaning : showing dominance
    She must be a high up member in the Masons
    or she wants to have it off with him
    Will confirm this once Agent R has read through the Masonic Guide Book to Kneeling Men

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  4. These idiots really do believe that whatever comes into their heads constitutes reality, that reality is whatever they imagine it to be. And they learned this from the King of All Nutters – Kevin Annett


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