Maggie’s Meltdown & Truth’s Self-Projection

It’s always entertaining when Hoaxtead trolls lose the plot, especially when, as in Margaret’s case, they start self-projecting:


And speaking of self-projection, here’s our old mate Truth again:


Unfortunately, Truth accidentally forgot to back up his extremely serious allegations with a single scrap of evidence. Oops! Familiar pattern, isn’t it 😀

See more of Truth and others’ meltdowns, rants and death threats here:

Anyway, keep up the pressure, guys. We’ve clearly rattled these nutters. Their reign of terror is drawing to a close and the Hampstead community will soon be able to get back to living their lives, free of harassment, slander and intimidation. They bit…We bit back. That’s how we deal with bullies – we stand up to them. Now their demise is imminent…and they know it. And my God, are they upset about it!


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