Yes, it’s that pay-off moment, folks. That moment in every detective mystery movie when the dramatic music kicks in and the camera zooms in on the hitherto hapless sleuth, who reveals that it couldn’t have been so-and-so who did it, because there’s a photo on the wall that proves he’s left-handed…or whatever. That “Keyser Söze” moment when it dawns on the haggard detective that s/he’s been overlooking that one piece of evidence that’s been staring everyone in the face from the outset. And suddenly, there it is, bold as brass, and the investigator wonders how on Earth s/he could have missed it.


Well, here’s that amazing wake-up moment from those intrepid truth-hunters over at Hampstead “Research”. That one piece of the jigsaw that was missing, that one case-altering clue that’s gonna bust the whole Hoaxtead case wide open and prove once and for all that…ELLA IS INNOCENT! And here it is:

“She speaks beautiful English. She’s so obviously NOT someone who would torture her children.”

Oh my actual God! How could we all have been so blind? Ella cannot be guilty, because…she speaks good English! I hope you’re all thoroughly ashamed of yourselves for not having picked up on this blatantly obvious clue. I know I am. And I think we can all learn a lesson from this humiliating oversight 😉



  1. No mother is innocent when she chooses to ignore the fact her children are being abused kicked in the privates hit with spoons and made to repeat such disgusting descriptions of sexual abuse. She knows it is all lies and she needs to be prosecuted

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  2. Jacqui I vill be deducting your vages now. How are the gullible going to take you seriously if you call yourzelf a piece of shit.

    Now pull yourself together, get some sherry down your throat, and get writing bitch!!!!

    I told you at the start you are there to protect me and Auntie Belinda from taking the flak, don’t you remember zat.???

    Oh…write a nice little bit about me, make me sound like a hero….you can do it, there is anuzer £3000 in it for you..

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    • Vell, I am so sorry, mein Kommandantin. It vill not happen again. I vill round up ze suspects immediately, I have vays of making zem talk. Now vere did I put zose spoons?


  3. How can Hampstead Research claim Ella is innocent, if she was, she would not have run away!!!! She is as guilty as hell and she damn well knows it. She has betrayed her children and that will be the worst thing she has EVER done and EVER will do. They will hate her FOREVER!! She was meant to have protected her children and she let a monster abuse them!!! She is not fit to be a mother and she will have to accept that her children will hate her. She has done EVERYTHING except protect them. ALL she thought about was HERSELF that is one selfish cow of a mother!!

    Even is she was locked up in prison for years, or in exile for years THAT WILL BE NOTHING compared to the feeling of being hated by her children.!!!

    If she really did care, which we all can see she does not, then she should get her sad sorry arse back here right now and face the consequences. I have no sympathy for her at all…..she is disgraceful and not a fit mother.

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