Wanted: Level-Headed Rationales

Yes, once again we feel the need to ask the Hoaxteaders – who are so sure of their allegations that they’ve endeavoured to destroy an entire community based on them – where is your proof? Where is your logic? Where is your rationale?

This is what has so far been presented:

  • Ray Savage (supposedly an experienced ex-copper) has “proved” that dozens of Hampstead residents are child abusers…through water-dowsing.
  • Ray has also stated that he spent several hours interviewing Ella Draper face-to-face (which is highly unlikely, as she was pretty quick to flee the country, refusing any interviews with anybody). He has stated that he “knows for a fact that she’s not lying” (which is humanly impossible, by the way). But lying about what? None of this hinges on Ella’s testimony – it’s about what the children claimed (and later retracted).
  • Penny Pullen and Neelu Berry have also been a bit handy with the ol’ water-dowsing rods. They too have used them to “prove beyond all reasonable doubt” that dozens of people are satanic baby-munching rapists.
  • Neelu has also been “receiving communications from Lord Ashtar”, head of the Galactic Federation of Light’s Pleiadian fleet. Hard to dispute that one, isn’t it. Very compelling.
  • In Neelu’s latest video, she also claims to have been “channelling messages from Abraham Lincoln”. Awesome man who paved the way for the abolition of slavery in the US, so who could disagree with him?
  • We have been shown startling video evidence (“indisputable proof”, in fact), posted on YouTube and Hampstead “Research”, in which it has been pointed out by “video analysis experts”, “body language experts” and “forensic linguists” that…er…Ricky looks a bit dodgy. He can’t be trusted because his eyes are too close together or something. Oh and the interviewer, supposedly a high-ranking member of a highly secretive satanic cult which has evaded detection for “thousands of years”, decided it would be a really good idea to wear a satanic emblem on a piece of jewellery in full view of the cameras on national TV. Apparently.
  • Angela Power d’Isigny has “proved” everything with a seemingly endless stream of Bible passages and choral music. I think she’s moving on to interpretive dance next.
  • The children retracted their statements. And as many a Hoaxteader has also claimed, “We believe the children.”
  • No evidence has been found in any school, church, swimming baths or McDonald’s restaurant.
  • Logistics: apparently, it’s entirely feasible for a school to shut down once a week for a spot of baby-eating and an orgy with the kids, without ever getting caught or reported. Kids are notoriously brilliant at keeping secrets, after all.
  • Neelu and Belinda have been buggy-counting. More buggies going into the church than coming out afterwards, they say. Because obviously, the most sensible time for a satanic cult to smuggle babies into a church, kill them and eat them is when it’s surrounded by Hoaxtead protestors, all of whom are videoing you for YouTube. Stands to reason!
  • To be fair, for all our denials, one person has actually admitted to – nay, boasted about – regularly drinking human blood. And that person is…Araya Soma! Yeah, she’s a Hoaxteader. Sorry, folks.
  • The courts, the Police, the BBC, Ofsted and the World’s press (and…er…Russell Brand) are squarely on the side of the Hoaxteaders, right? Oh wait.



9 thoughts on “Wanted: Level-Headed Rationales

  1. On the theme of practicality and logistics. I had to laugh when they linked articles about DHL and an airport finding human parts in transit.

    In both cases the employees noticed the strange packages; reported them; the police investigated and it was reported in the press. Proving what a robust security system these companies have. The exact opposite of what the hoaxies believe happens.

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  2. I am an expert pendulum swinger. It is 100% reliable. It predicted that I was going to go shopping the other day! My friends are astounded at the accuracy at which it can predict. It swung from side to side and predicted that my neighbour was going to have either a baby boy or baby girl, how close do you need to get before you believe!!!

    I am going to use it tonight and start the predictions for Britain’s Got Talent.

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    • That’s astounding, Penny? What are your predictions for Jacqui? Hefty fine, Police caution or a year or two slopping out Queen Bea’s poop in a grubby prison cell?


  3. Put those seedy dark deranged people in a film…you would have a blockbuster HORROR movie. They would need no training no make up they were all born for the roles.

    I think we need to start building bigger secure units to put these weirdos in.

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    • Nice idea. I was thinking more of a comedy. But a comedy-horror might work. Mind you, I think Agent M has it spot-on when he compares this band of creepy miscreants to the celebrated but controversial movie ‘Freaks’.


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