Non-existent parent speaks out!

“everything is completely true i am from the local Hampstead area and my children used to attend christ church primary, they would often come home telling me about weird encounters such as specific kids getting taken out of class by the head mistress…for no apparent. [sic]”

Sorry, we don’t buy a word of this hogwash. We’re not even convinced that this “lady” exists (there is a Facebook page for someone with that name but she doesn’t even have any children). And let’s be honest – Jacqui the Troll isn’t exactly renowned for carrying out robust checks on her “informants”.

This is what Agent B had to say on the matter (in a comment posted on the Hampstead “Research” post but then inevitably removed by Jacqui):

“This is a misrepresentation of facts. That comment was left by a completely new account at the Henry Curteis YT page ‘Papa Kills Babies’. In other words, it’s an untraceable and unverifiable evidence source. As a research site, perhaps you ought to check credentials before posting, as this undermines your efforts.”

Oh and trust us – there isn’t one parent of a Christ Church child who would have anything to do with Jacqui the Troll (the wanted criminal who posted this crap), who has strived so hard to destroy their lives and have them and their children subjected to untold levels of harassment and intimidation. In fact, our sources tell us that these parents are working very closely with the Police to bring the skank to justice. That’s probably why Jacqui the coward has refused their requests to attend a Q&A session. And trust us – there are a lot of questions they want answered.

Incidentally, this was a joy to see. It seems that even Jacqui’s own creepy followers are calling bullshit on her this time:



And by the way, why would a headmistress tell the class why a kid’s being called to the office anyway? In fact, that would be extremely unprofessional and inappropriate unless there were a specific justifiable reason why the class would need to know. Jacqui luv, check yer bleedin’ facts in future.




7 thoughts on “Non-existent parent speaks out!

  1. Yes a lot of weird attention seeking cunts like “Jacqui Farmer” … She really must have a boring life..Or Desperate!


    • Agreed, Lindy. I wouldn’t use the ‘C’ word myself, as it’s very offensive to women, but I do agree with your verdict on Jacqui.

      By the way, what’s the weather like in Leyland today?


    • Speaking of attention seekers with no life, this is what Justice Pauffley had to say about Hoaxteaders:

      “All the signs are that those responsible for posting material [videos of Child P and Child Q] derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from attracting interest to their spiteful work from many thousands of people. It’s akin to the sensation, I imagine, of a Facebook user receiving an indication that some posting or other has been ‘liked’.”


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