Jacqui the Troll in full-on sulk mode!


“Today, I received a rather nasty Comment from someone who pointed out that I had incorrectly identified the YouTube channel.” (By the way, we’ve been monitoring that post closely and trust us – there wasn’t one nasty comment on there.)

“I should not have to remind all visitors to this blog. That we all make mistakes.”

“But at Hampstead Research, rather than dress each other down for them We choose to be supportive.”

“I also deleted Scarlet Scoop’s invective and apologise to those of you who had to see this filth.” (A blatant categorical lie, as usual.)

“Normal people – you and us – all of us – getting together to help  find out the truth and support the children and Ella and Abraham.”

“Most mistakes are lessons anyway. If someone trips up, you help her up, don’t you? Not kick her about a bit.”

“Anyone who does not get that might feel more comfortable over at Hoaxted [sic] Research.”

Awww, poor old Jacqui  sadface Someone got a Kleenex for her?