Dangerous Hoaxtead troll Guidance 2222 banned by YouTube!

Great news, everyone! Thanks to all our efforts in reporting Guidance 2222 (aka Code 2222 and a close associate of fellow troll Jacqui Farmer) and his illegal videos, YouTube have seen sense and banned him (along with all his videos). Well done, everyone. It’s the little things in life, isn’t it. Please keep reporting these dangerous people!


Read more about Guidance’s disgusting, immoral and illegal antics here:




Said antics include posting the names, addresses and telephone numbers of innocent men, women and children, sharing the Children P and Q’s confidential Police testimonies and abusing, slandering and intimidating a random Hampstead woman in her own back garden, calling her a baby-murderer in the presence of her frightened child (and videoing their reactions for his own sick pleasure and that of his creepy associates).


4 thoughts on “Dangerous Hoaxtead troll Guidance 2222 banned by YouTube!

  1. As the domino starts to fall it takes the next one along with it.
    Wonder who will be next ???
    Not his lucky number eh? ‘2’

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