CGI Pains: Return of the Hoaxtead Genius

More from CGI Plains, the ingenious badger-baiting Hoaxteader from Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Seriously, can’t we get this highly educated and articulate individual onto ‘Question Time’? The World is sooo missing out!


CGI’s previous insights and analyses:

The intellectual goliath in question:

cgi plains 2


5 thoughts on “CGI Pains: Return of the Hoaxtead Genius

  1. We would like to welcome our newest elected member of parliament he is leader of the BLOODY THICK KNOBHEADS PARTY CGI. His manifesto has been welcomed by followers of the well known London hoax. Hampstead research. He ensures his electorate he will abolish sanity. This will save the NHS at least £3.65 per year. His aim is to award abusive profane trolls knighthoods and will push for a white paper on mandatory tattoos on genitals. In education each child will by the age of 3 be able to confidently use the words FUCK SHIT SKANK and many other useful words designed for adulthood meaningful debate. CGI maintains money will be set aside by the government for places in higher education. ..This is to ensure the C word can be used freely and meaningfully thus ensuring better chances of employment. The national debt will mainly be spent on drugs and beads for beards. ..The legal age for a beard….and this again will become mandatory according to CGI will be 5 years of age and will have to be worn by both boys and girls. We have read many papers written by him and we can honestly say we have never seen anything like it.

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    • Sounds like an ideal candidate for UKIP, Dim!

      Now about those beards. Will that apply to girls too? By the way, when it comes to compulsory beards, I hear that the Taliban are pretty well versed, so can we send Mr. Plain on a fact-finding tour of Helmand Province? Tell him, however, that due to budgetary constraints, we’re clean out of flak jackets and armed guards; but wish him luck from me.

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  2. HEY!!!!!
    I would vote for the chap

    If he likes beer and a bunk up

    Give me some jolly good hair style tips too

    Does he fly plains

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