I’m a Cockney from Liverpool: Arkhaldan gives us all a Geography lesson :)


“‘It’ HAS to be in the London area the way she(he) talks all cockneyed to her(his) buddies on it’s site. Prolly a garbage mouth from Liverpool.”


A “garbage mouth from Liverpool”, yesterday


4 thoughts on “I’m a Cockney from Liverpool: Arkhaldan gives us all a Geography lesson :)

  1. Prolly, is that their name, wow, they are amazing. I think we could do with some of those brains, I would love to be as educated and clever as what they is !

    I expect, if you never leave the confines of your bedroom, having everything to hand, computer, beer, computer, mummy shoving take aways under the door, beer, computer, and a few tablets to keep you up all night posting shite, you forget….there IS another world out there….

    Sad little twits like him think the world is flat and the edges are at the end of his street!!
    The only books he would have would be on the Illuminati, and chem trails, and Thomas the Tank.
    He prolly wears a superman pair of pyjamas with a little wee wet stain at the front because mummy forgot to wipe his weeney for him.

    In fact, mummy prolly keeps his dummy downstairs in the kitchen in a spare cup, just in case, or, she could well still be breastfeeding…poor woman, big boy teeth and all that!!!

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