Adoption Statistics: El Coyote Responds

Food for thought from our always insightful agent ‘El Coyote’, in response to the very odd and transparently desperate Hampstead “Research” post, ‘Adoption statistics’. It seems that Jacqui the Troll is still fostering misinformation (see what I did there?):

Hampstead Research-27 May 2015

For the record, babies are only obligatorily adopted in extreme circumstances (e.g. to protect them from negligent, violent, drug-addicted, criminal and/or abusive parents) and only after stringent legal processes have been followed. Great effort is made to keep babies with their natural parents as much as possible. And an appeal process is in place. Errors do, sadly, occur, and some local authorities are more competent than others. But naturally, they’re a red rag to tinfoil-wearers who often have their own questionable agendas.

And lest we forget what Jacqui, Belinda, Sabine, Abe and Ella’s agenda is (as they have repeatedly made clear) – to convince the World that “hundreds of Hampstead residents” are adopting “thousands of babies” in order to ritually rape, murder and eat them. That is why these miscreants – the Fungal Five – will never be let off the hook by the Hampstead community. It’s why not one of them has had the courage or decency to answer our questions, respond to our requests for evidence or meet with Hampstead residents. But rest assured – we are doing all we can, in conjunction with the Police, to ensure that all five of those disgusting, lying, cowardly individuals are brought to justice.

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  1. The net is closing and we will find them. They are not clever. .believe me…they have left enough behind them ..They cannot hide anymore.

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