A Glowing Testimonial For Our Hoax-Busting Team!

We are clearly hitting a nerve 😀

Here are Jacqui the Troll’s words of (ahem) “wisdom”:

It amazes me (and others) how much effort is going into anti-Jacqui Farmer sites. We are clearly hitting a nerve. Scarlet Scoop is following the blog and nearly every time I make a post it is twisted and posted elsewhere. S/he is posting the c-word in the comments. Dirty, vicious, nasty stuff; abusive. So someone could either an obsessed cult member. Or a paid up member of the security services? My email has been – illegally – hacked. So, to those people: Just in case you did not get it the first time, allow me to reiterate: Hampstead Research are not scared of you. We have committed to this work. This work needs to be done. We are doing it for the children you are harming. Not just Ella’s children and the other Christ Church but children everywhere. We are doing it for the decent, loving parents and grandparents you are harming. Everywhere. Including the ones in the cult, who want to come out but are too scared. The moment one piece of evidence emerges to settle this case we will desist. But until then you will have to watch yourselves being scrutinised in public. By everybody. Jacqui


Points of information and clarification:

1. At no point in any one of our posts have we used the ‘C’ word:


2. Dishing it out is, it appears, far easier than taking it. We bit back. And we defended ourselves. They’re just going to have to deal with that. And they’d better get used to it too, as we’re not going away 🙂

3. We acknowledge that you, our wonderful supportive members, are not, to the best of our knowledge, members of any cult. Moreover, Jacqui Farmer has presented no evidence to the contrary.

4. We at Hoaxtead Research have not indulged in any illegal activity. However, as has frequently been demonstrated (and indeed admitted) by Jacqui Farmer and her creepy associates, they have. How many of our team have been arrested, fled abroad to avoid arrest, been deported, shouted death threats at innocent old ladies in the street or threatened to hang a judge? How many of us have restraining orders imposed on us or have been struck off by the Charity Commission or the Medical Council? How many of us have previous convictions for fraud, violence or drug offences? How man of us are on the run from the Police? How many of us have links with dodgy Satanist vicars, convicted paedophiles or known terrorist organisations? See below for the answer:


5. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, Jacqui Farmer and her creepy associates are absolutely not “doing this for the children”. They have all been proven to have their own hidden (but exposed) agendas and ulterior motives. And who are the real child abusers here? Did any of us illegally leak the children’s confidential testimonies all over the internet? Nope. Did we post videos, photos and links containing illegal child porn images? Nope. Did we post the names, addresses, photos, descriptions and itineraries of the children of the accused, leading to untold amounts of stress, fear and anxiety for said children and placing them in significant danger? Nope. Did we hit any children with spoons, kick them in the privates, throw them against walls, shout abuse at them, force them to lie to the Police, subject them to naked water torture or threaten to drown them or bury them alive in the Moroccan desert? Er…nope.

6. In response to another jaw-dropping slice of hypocrisy expressed by Jacqui the troll, let’s remember that actually, we are doing this for all the “decent, loving parents and grandparents” that she is harming.

7. We are happy to be “scrutinised in public”. We have nothing to hide (though I know her comment was intended to intimidate us). And the endless stream of abuse, slander and death threats that the Hoaxteaders have meted out to us has not deterred us. And it never will.

So none of you have anything to be ashamed of. In fact, you should feel immensely proud of your efforts. You have shown resolve, defiance and determination in the face of unbelievable levels of adversity and harassment. You have stood up to the bullies and criminals who have perpetuated this wanton – but failed – attempt to destroy the Hampstead community.

Oh, what the Hell – I always knew this windbag would have his uses one day:


Great work, guys! Keep all those wonderful links, revelations and contributions coming 🙂

Scarlet x

Now who would like to join me in a victory dance?



32 thoughts on “A Glowing Testimonial For Our Hoax-Busting Team!

  1. Just go back and take a look at HOAXES….. it will not be long before you find the clue. Once the liars have run out of road, run out of lies, run out of support, they will start making ludicrous claims, the most comment is ‘there emails have been hacked’ This is in preparation for the day when they get arrested, they will try and claim that it was not them, they never sent the emails, it must have been someone else, the person that ‘hacked’ their account. They are the ones sending out ridiculous, libelous posts and comments. So, Jacqui Farmer, you have reached the first level. Pats on the back for all the sane, level headed, logical, sensible people out there that know Hampstead is a HOAX. It won’t be long Jacqui, then you will see who really supports you, who really is willing to put their necks on the line for you. I will make a bet with you…..there will be NONE!!!

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    • Well said!
      I think the lack of church protestors at Christ Church says it all. Not one, despite Jacqui repeatedly pleading with them to attend. She didn’t attend either. Not once. Nuff said?


  2. Yep. Jerky Farter is just as complicit as the rest and should be considered just as culpable by supporting them. Her vitriolic and venomous intent is unexplainable in any real context so she must be either part of the cult or a satanic or cult apologist, meaning she has dabbled in and finds excitement in what she does, which is targeting and harassing those that would seek to do good. The constant use of profanity especially the C word goes to show her integrity and how she acts when confronted with what she is claiming is ‘our’ ‘shills’ making death threats, her mania is evident if she cannot comprehend that this ‘thing’ here has claimed no side except the right one and her choice to make that dumb website created. Those people hacking her are acting in their own capacity as protester’s and have no ‘affiliation’ with this site because this site is not an ‘organization’, it is obvious she feels a deep sense of guilt for what she is doing and has to project her anger on to those more visible and lump us all in as a whole, this, unfortunately, is another sign of a mental illness called schizophrenia where there (always) has to be an imaginary enemy and someone other than herself (always) has to take the blame. At first I thought that this person and her cohorts were conspiratorialists that just thought that there was enough to make a show out of what Abe said had happened here and were ultimately concerned with bashing civil rights in the sense that people need their private information broadcast all over the place if there is no conviction, but these people have become something MORE, it’s almost as if this is what they were POSING as in their forray’s on the internet until they were confronted with what they deem to be a threat to their trolling organizations (Angela can flock off) evil evil evil evil all the way. They then turn tide and show their real color’s as either government agents or, more likely, just not too intelligent cult members with a beef. It really is a sad shit show over there and I’m wonering when Jerky’s manic cycle is going to round over and she will lose interest.


  3. Ms Farmer is in a quandary HAHAHAHHAHA blame blame blame who else will the nutty fruitloop blame? she has no way to turn, she has committed herself hahaha….she cannot see a way out now so she is blaming everyone else hahahaha…She will blame God, the Devil, Count Dracula, the lady that lives at 22, she made her do it lol lol ……SHE IS STUCK !!! good she is an evil witch and I for one hopes she gets everything she deserves, I won’t be sending her presents when she is inside. I might visit her and have a bloomin good laugh though…

    Tick Tock…..has to be the catch word of the week …She forgets, but the internet doesn’t hahahha

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  4. I am dancing Scarlet Babe…..Wonder what dance our naughty little minx Jacs is doing…..

    Bit of the jitterbug….then the
    Line Dance and then straight down to the

    She is in a right Fandango ….!!! Come on our jacs, get on with some Head Banging.
    You will be doing the Lambeth Walk before you know it…..GOOD LUCK popcorn time.

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  5. Only one thing for JF to do now: the big skip (dumper for US speakers) is outside the school and filling up. So tomorrow bribe the skip lorry driver to take it to Belinda’s, empty through her front door and let the doggy have a sniff.

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  6. How do we (the general public) know if BOTH the Hampstead Research group and Hoaxtead Research group are part of a distraction strategy? Playing a warped version of ‘Bad Cop—Good Cop’?

    Basically, there probably is something very rotten in Hampstead re: child abuse but ‘certain elite people’ (whoever they are) do not want the general public to look closely at Hampstead and are therefore using this Bad Cop (Hampstead Research)—Good Cop (Hoaxtead Research) smoke screen to put people off the scent? At the very least, this could be a possibility.

    Just a thought by an innocent observer so don’t flame me. There are many manipulative people out there especially elite people with a lot to hide.


    • Yeah, we’re all on it, mate. Blame the lizard people – they put us up to it, with help from the Masons, the Jews, MI5, MI6, Special Branch, Mossad, the Bilderbergs, the Rothschilds, the Royal Family….

      They all have a vested interest in covering up this ancient Satanic cult that has evaded capture for thousands of years and is now dancing with skulls in broad daylight in a primary school and eating baby burgers at McDonald’s. Damn, you got us!

      And how thoughtful of you to come here with such a wealth of logic and evidence to support your extremely serious (if weirdly speculative) allegations. Oh wait.

      Now my turn. How do I know you’re not a member of Lord Ashtar’s Pleiadian fleet, working with the Galactic Federation of Light to trick me into giving you classified information about how to cook a blueberry soufflé without it collapsing? See – I can be random too. This is fun 🙂


  7. Also, I suspect that if any real evidence of abuse is found in Hampstead (because by some miracle a whistle-blower gets their evidence out to the public which the elite cannot stop, Fingers crossed!) it will probably not be ‘Satanic Cult’ related. Again, this Satanic ruse is probably another way to put the public off the scent.

    Just pushing ideas out there because I think this issue needs to be extremely closely looked at from ALL angles. The perpetrators (especially elite ones) have gotten away with their disgusting crimes for too f-ing long and we the general public want the truth so we can see justice served (finally!)


    • “Just pushing ideas out there”, huh? Mind pushing some evidence out there too? Perhaps you could give drop it off at your local Police station. Or is speculating about it to me more effective?


  8. Lastly, it will be very interesting to see if you decide to post my three comments (including this one).


      • No, I’m not part of any group or ideology; I don’t mind being questioned though, myself. Due diligence and all that. My details and history are easy to find if people have the resources to dig deep. Luckily, I have no agenda but wanting to know what is really going on so these despicable crimes finally stop. As I said earlier, I’m an innocent observer and like most of the general public want the straight-forward truth and justice served to the REAL perpetrators; what we don’t want is games and smoke screens – we’ve already had eons of that.

        What am I? A questioner. It’s good to question everything especially in such a Machiavellian era such as ours. Too many hoaxes, false flags and general obscurity have made the public including myself obviously very angry. For much too long have these disgusting criminal perpetrators (mostly ‘elite’ who think they are above justice) got away with atrocities and all we, the public, want are straight answers. No more games, just answers. How come that’s so difficult to comprehend?

        By the way, I’m not scared of the police nor do I trust them to help serve justice when it comes to crime that involves elite people. My guess is that the truth will come from a whistle-blower who is not part of the elite and not part of the police (or security services). Just a guess.

        Top of the day to you, sir.


        • We too would like the suspects to be questioned. Unfortunately, however, Sabine, Abe and Ella have fled abroad. However, Neelu is awaiting trial and Christine Sands has been deported, so some progress has been made. Sabine may be coming back to the UK soon, so her arrest is almost inevitable. And we’re reliably informed that Jacqui Farmer’s arrest is imminent too. Will keep you posted.


      • P.S. You suddenly don’t like ‘conspiracy theorists’?! Only when it suits you, it seems. Can’t believe you have the audacity to use that on me after your history & experiences. You understand all that stuff yet you turn around and use that on me?! Disappointing.

        I’ll say it again, it’s good to question everything – all I want is the blimmin’ truth along with everyone else; no games. Comprende?



        • I meant no offence but to still believe the blatant Hoaxtead scam requires a belief in both conspiracy theories and SRA. Those who don’t embrace both deserted the Hoaxtead cause long ago.


          I have a bit of history with leading troofers like Danielle la Verite and Chris Spivey, who are proven liars and pluck serious allegations about high profile individuals out of their arses and never answer questions or critiques. I’ve also proven a number of their claims to be false. For instance, Spivey’s entire argument that the Woolwich murder was a false flag was based on a CCTV being over one hour out (and they have to shut down after an hour). His “hour” is then presented as “from 2:26 to 2:20”.

          Personally, I refer to more reputable alternative media publications such as Private Eye, who actually back up their claims with real evidence and actually expose real scandals, usually long before the mainstream media gets hold of them. Troofers tend not to be interested in these, however – perhaps corporate tax avoidance, the Deep Cut murders and the Post Office’s Horizon cover-up aren’t as sexy as chemtrails and lizard people.


  9. I hope you decide to post my last two posts too. Are you brave enough though? By the way, I’m not accusing you of being part of the CA atrocities (as far as I know). I just think that your approach to stopping hoaxes like the Hampstead Research Satanic Cult one is not the best approach – don’t you think a snarky counter website like this just adds to the levels of obscurity? Why not dig for the truth in better ways. Maybe you just admire being snarky? Well, it’s not witty or clever, just annoying. Let’s find better ways of getting the truth, eh?

    Note: I have no answers myself, just millions of questions.


    • “I hope you decide to post my last two posts too. Are you brave enough though?”

      ^ I am, and I did. And I left you a reasonably detailed reply. You’re welcome 🙂

      “By the way, I’m not accusing you of being part of the CA atrocities (as far as I know)”

      ^ LOL, I appreciated that first part but you blew it in the last bit!

      And forgive me if I brush off the last half of your (ironically somewhat “snarky”)comment. Water off a duck’s back, mate. We mix satire with serious points here, just like Private Eye. Ah, the beauty of living in a free state 🙂


      • I appreciate the posting of my comments so genuine thanks.

        I read all of this website last night (hadn’t seen it before that) and when I was reading it, it seemed to me about 99% snark and 1% serious so that was what annoyed me (and I thought: if it is annoying me it may annoy other people who stumble on here and want to know the truth too) and I thought I would express my tuppence on the issue. Like you, I would like to be able to live in a free state. Just a suggestion (and you don’t have to take it, obviously) – don’t you think more of a balance (of ‘satire’ and serious) would engage observers more? I’m surely not the only human who dislikes constant snark? Maybe I am.

        Anyway, no offence intended. I’m just getting extremely impatient (like most people). No ‘elite’ perpetrators have been jailed. Let’s just focus on trying to get the truth. Good luck with your endeavours.


      • Re: Private Eye.

        I like Private Eye generally and loved it very much in the past, but became somewhat disappointed when they went along with the official Western narrative against Russia/Putin.

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        • Yep, fair point. I have criticisms of PE myself and of course they do get things wrong. But I do believe it to be an infinitely more reliable source on the whole than the online troofer sites and glorified gossip services like UK Column.


      • Before I go, (I have to go out soon). Private message to you (although I won’t mind if you do post this for whatever reason): What are your opinions on the Israel, Palestine, and especiallyyMossad, the sayanim network and hasbara etc etc. In your opinion, how much influence do they have in the world including the UK, Europe and US)?

        I’ve been reading Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shahak, Norman Finklestein and Victor Ostrovsky fairly recently and am fascinated by some of the info imparted. I’ve made no conclusions, just interested. You know which European politics forum you can reply to me privately, (only if you want to of course!!). I’m only interested in politics and world issues though so I won’t talk about any personal or private stuff. Anyway, I’m curious about your thoughts and believe it or not I would value your opinions on this.

        Whatever you decide. Take care and peace. 🙂


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