UK abuse survivor speaks out

..And despite shocking levels of sustained abuse, death threats, harassment, intimidation and slander from Hoaxteaders, he’s still standing. Go Ricky! 😀

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3 thoughts on “UK abuse survivor speaks out

  1. Have any of the idiot believers stopped to consider Ricky is a VEGAN and what that means? It means an abhorrence for meat, normally animal, of course. I can only laugh at the stupidity of these people not to consider the mind set of someone who has made such a choice for ideological or health reasons. The thought of sidestepping these preferences in order to eat BABIES is really not possible in the eyes of a vegan. As a vegan myself, I really have to pinch myself sometimes at the stupidity of these people.

    from agent vegan


  2. Actually… A moot point I know but… Looking at this again, paying a little more attention to the camerawork…

    This ISN’T particularly typical of a ‘large sensor’ camera as ‘Chris’ tried (badly) to suggest. The subjects are too well in focus for that.

    – My assessment of this is it’s a fairly normal 2/3″ sensor camera and simple three or four head lighting kit. The camera operator has kept the lighting levels relatively low (large aperture, limited depth of field) in order to throw the background out of focus… Probably an office or meeting room by the look of it.

    -The look they’ve gone for is classic BBC Documentary. Watch a few old episodes of Horizon for very similar stuff. Particularly where they film someone like a scientist in a lab or the likes… Nothing unusual or unduly contrived about this at all…

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  3. haha…how do you think I brainwashed the children eh? They had to be vegan, it is the only way forward, we could not have them eating meat, they had to face their fears, same as me, it is not hard.

    Tell the children, burgers are made from babies, not hard to think up, eh? Children thinking they are eating babies, and burgers made from babies, best way, deter them from eating meat, brainwash, demand, what you want to call it, it worked, I am vegan they had to be, it was their future.

    Would you eat a burger if you thought it was minced baby?? of course not. Their father let them eat burgers, we had to put a stop to it, best way. Scare them, let them face their fear.

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