Another Laughable Effort By Hoaxteaders

Haha, check out these Hoaxtead fruitcakes from 1:38:53 onwards!

Another bunch of ignorami who’ve conducted extensive research by putting telescopes up their own arseholes.

“They weren’t being fed cannabis soup, like the Daily Mail said.”

^ Er…You mean like the children themselves said. D’oh!

“Lawyer Sabine McNeill”

^ Er…nope. Even McNeill herself has repeatedly stated that she has no legal qualifications. Oops!

“That copper never picks up a pen to make some notes.”

^ Yeah, mate. He’s filming it instead. You know – it’s the illegally uploaded video in which you yourself noticed the lack of pen. Duh!

Great research as always, Hoaxteaders! Now go wash your telescopes (you’re stinking the place up) and check out the truth here:

Or, of course, on this very blog site, which contains an extensive selection of links to court reports, press articles, videos, expert analyses, witness insights and blogs. (We actually do research here. Hoaxteaders, take note.)

PS: the funniest part is when one of these twunts starts banging on about the doubters being poor researchers. He must have heard about Jacqui’s Hypocrite of the Month award and decided to put in a challenge!


Abe hiding his spoon and Bellender picking her nose (Hoaxtead in a nutshell, really)

14 thoughts on “Another Laughable Effort By Hoaxteaders

  1. Glenda Jackson is a Satanist! hahahaaha They take one of the few politicians who is actually on the side of the working man and trash them. Way to go boys. Brains of newts!

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    • Thanks, Steven Sawyer. You’ve completely disproved my claim that Hoaxteaders have no real arguments and have to resort to ad hominem attacks instead. You’ve completely changed my mind on everything with your amazing analysis, insights and homophobia.

      By the way, what’s the weather like in Sunderland today?

      PS: if you miss this reply, I’m happy to email it to you at .


  2. Wonder if Belinda managed to reach her brain cavity. ..if her finger didn’t reach Demon devil’s spoon could gouge it out ..

    Have to eat greens to keep a well balanced diet.

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  3. How did he know you were made of pastry he is a superstar ain’t he..Gawd blimey me old mucker. .might email him meself Gawd he could teach me a few fings how does his brain all fit in ‘is head I think he should win an award hopefully the Darwin award hahaha gotta go..having my toenails sawn down keep catching the old missus ‘ s arse…scrapes her to bits. Bye for now be back later in the old legion calling bingo for the old ‘uns

    Give uz a snog scarlet babe xxxx


  4. 1:48… The clown claiming to be a “film director” who has “done it for years and years and years”… Having actually spent 35 years working in television myself… Graduating from (ENG/EFP) Cameraman to Director to Producer… And having had to QUALIFY through college an university ultimately to Masters level to reach that point… I’m calling ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT on this wakners claims…

    He justifies himself with bizarre claims of having been a sound engineer (completely different thing from being a film director – rather like a carpenter pontificating on bricklaying) that ‘freelanced’ via Abbey Road for the BBC at the old TV theatre… I doubt it… The BBC has its own sound engineers, and some of the finest in the world they are too! Oh they might hire the odd ‘name’ from a major studio for a particular job. What they DON’T hire are random nobodys who quite plainly don’t know their XLRs from their elbows… Whether the BBC hired ‘freelance’ scene shifters, van drivers of lavvy attendants I couldn’t say; but this guy – and this WILL be obvious to anyone with a credible film/TV tech background – hasn’t even a basic grasp of any broadcast engineering disciplne…

    “Corporate video” sayeth this fool? Well, having owned a corporate production company for nigh-on 30 years I can tell you about those too! And having actually LECTURED in TV production for part of my career I can tell you exactly how and why there is massive crossover in technique between news-gathering and field production techniques…

    “Flat tube television cameras”? The last camera I used with a TUBE as the imaging device was an EMI 2001 – Go on! Look up what one of them is! – A great big huge thing first used in the late 60s the last of which went out of service in about 1989!

    ‘Flat Tube’? – A term only ever applied to domestic television receivers back in the 80s and 90s. ALL television cameras have necessarily flat imaging devices… And these have been ‘chips’ rather than ‘tubes’ for most of my career!

    Clearly the man has NO FUCKING CLUE about camera sensors, studio cameras or any of the rest of it!! And even less about what various types of cameras are used in modern news gathering and features production.

    Sony F55s are now fairly standard issue to BBC documentary and features crews.

    – They’re ‘lage sensor’ cameras that produce just exactly this ‘cinematic’ shallow depth of field type of picture… A current fad…

    And over the past 20 years ago, as lighting kit has got smaller, lighter, cooler and less power-hungry there has been a real move towards more (what we call) ‘crafted’ lighting… Basically, you can carry more kit in less space, light at lower levels and don’t draw the huge amounts of power that would have been needed years ago. OF COURSE the lighting in TV features is getting better!

    This was a planned interview remember – not ‘off the cuff’ run and gun stuff… And probably shot in an ‘offline’ (i.e. not in use) studio or open production space like a rehersal room… You don’t just walk into a TV studio with a features crew, fire up the studio cameras and off you go… In most cases IF a studio is used for this sort of thing it’s quicker and easier just to use the space and set up portable ‘field kit’… But then anyone who had REALLY worked in TV would know that…

    As for the BBC not having ‘exclusives’? LOL! – And while we’re about it; what would a ‘FILM producer’ (aye right! – and my cat’s a ballet dancer) necessarily know about television news and features production? Would you accept the local Vet as being an authority in gynecology???


    • Well put, MQC. I’m astounded by your technical knowledge and it’s always great to receive input from genuine experts. In fact, if you don’t mind, I’d like to post your views onto the main page.

      I can’t offer too much in the way of camera knowledge but one thing I can say without fear of contradiction is that Abbey Road studios have absolutely nothing to do with the Beeb. As a lifelong Beatles fan (as you’ve probably picked up on), I can state categorically that Abbey Road studios are – and always have been – owned by EMI.

      Thanks again for your insights. Keep tunnelling!

      Scarlet x


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  6. Feel Free Scarlet… Extract or extrapolate as you see fit. If anything needs clarifying just ask! I’ve been involved in this industry all my adult life…

    Having got my own start in the TV industry via Thames in 1980… And been freelance since ’86… I can assure you the BBC weren’t routinely knocking on anyone’s door to crew at TVT or anywhere else… Even major events like the Royal Wedding took careful negotiations between the unions to allow BBC and ITV crew to work together. And there were strict demarcation lines as to who could do what and where…

    The claim he ‘seems’ to be making is that at some point the BBC crewed something at the old TV Theatre – Shepherd’s Bush Empire – with people from Abbey Road… Now; it might well be the case that some ‘star’ such as George Martin or perhaps someone from the classical field HAS produced there for a TV show. And perhaps even some of their own engineers and riggers were involved on setting up the musician’s equipment. BUT they’d have been working for the company giving the performance; NOT the BBC!

    Substantially this was the TV theatre – a TV studio with audience facilities… And remember; this is the industry that Thatcher called ‘the last bastion of restrictive practices’. The union (BETA was the BBC one if I remember correctly) wouldn’t have stood for ‘foreign’ tech crew in a BBC show… As I say, the BBC had its own engineers… And the structure of the industry was very different back then from what it is now.

    From the mid-80s all the BBC did there was Wogan. They left it completely in ’91 I think… Which was pretty much pre-deregulation. In other words; there was never a time when the TVT was anything other than a ‘closed shop’.

    As for the cameras… Even a keen amateur would know better than to use the terminology he did… A camera ‘tube’ is a device from the same sort of ‘family’ as a ‘valve’ for a radio… It’s what they call a thermionic device; 1920’s technology essentially and you rarely saw them even in ‘toy’ domestic cameras much past the early 90’s…

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