Updated Wanted Poster

Rest assured that we are working closely with Barnet Police, which is gradually yielding results. Sands deported; Berry arrested three times, computer and phone seized, awaiting trial; McNeill, Draper and Christie on the run abroad…and this week we’ve heard that a close associate of Code 2222 was arrested and had his computer and phone seized for posting disgusting comments online accusing an innocent Hampstead resident of raping his own daughter (yes, that’s how desperate they are). We’re also reliably informed that further arrests are imminent.

Anyhoo, do please peruse this updated perps list – which now includes the badger-fancying whackjob ‘CGI Plain’, who has issued a number of death threats to people, including several members of our team – who have dared to ask questions of the Hampstead hoaxers. I repeat – that’s how desperate they are.


The above “alleged” miscreants stand accused of harassment, threatening behaviour, perverting the course of justice, breach of three separate injunctions, breach of a number of restraining orders, contempt of court, perjury, slander, breach of the peace, malicious communications, resisting arrest, harbouring known criminals, breach of the Data Protection Act, affray, libel and a number of more minor offences.


Tick tock…


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