“Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity”

Haha, what did I say last night when I gazed into my crystal balls (sorry, long story)? As I recall, I predicted that the BBC documentary about SRA would really piss off the Hoaxtead fruitcakes and Jacqui the Troll in particular. I also predicted that by the end of the week, she and her imaginary friends would be accusing the presenter of being a member of the (made-up) Hampstead cult.

And lo and behold, here are Jacqui’s hilarious reactions:

“BBC hatchet job again. Using a Marxist disinformation agent. When will they get it? BBC: so many people know, now, that you are implicating yourselves! You are an embarrassment. Please, can anyone go to Margaret’s Facebook page and find her ‘I’m not paying my license any more’ letter for us? Well done, Margaret. Hitting them where it hurts. Let’s hope this gets a few more visitors to the  blog!”


“Aaronovitch informs us that he lives near Christ Church. I wonder if he is a pedo-Satanist. If he is, that’s a pretty handy location.”


Video posted: Madness’s cover of Prince Buster’s ska classic ‘Madness’


Good to see her preaching about madness, though, isn’t it. Looks like her Hypocrite of the Month trophy is safe for now 😀

And here’s the documentary again, in case you missed it:


9 thoughts on ““Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity”

  1. The most shocking aspect……..there will be people that believe her LOL!!!!
    She can write absolutely mountains of rubbish and the lesser intelligent sheeple will think she knows something they don’t.

    This has been observed many many times, the less intelligent will pick an icon such as Icke, Poulton, Crane, Annett, Gerrish etc etc and worship the ground they walk on. They will swallow every stupid little thing that is announced by their icon and defend them no matter what!

    Strange eh? the people claiming to be ‘enlightened’ are the ones that will follow anything and anyone without question. LOL!!!!! Amusing to watch I must admit.

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    • Amusing indeed – like watching a monkey at the zoo eating its own poop. But also highly disturbing that people like Jacqui live in the same country as me, along with at least three people who believe what she says!


  2. Wonder if DA and others use the tunnel that runs under Hampstead Heath? You know the one run by the organisation with the secret three letters TFL

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  3. Oooooh was there the other day!!!! what a lovely bunch of super duper people they were!! woo, they have another tunnel that goes to the station too!! wooohooo saves time, more time for drinking!! hahaha

    Hampstead Heath…..= TEETH waaah oh my having such a laugh today!!!

    Come on Scarlet honey pie, let’s have another one before we go tunneling …hehehe wooo!!!!

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  4. I heard that when Cliff tried to leave the cult they made him busk in the tunnels every Saturday night. His blue suede shoes got right dirty. Hank Marvin used to take a flask down to him. Someone at a Danielle La Verite talk told me this and that’s evidence enough for me.

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  5. Phssst – ere dont you tell anyone, heard this, from Neelu,..she told me this in confidence ….
    Elvis is still alive…yeh!! yeah he is – Neelu said that she saw him working in a chip shop down the road from the BBC.
    Neelu told me and i is gonna believe it, otherwise she might arrest me, and I only have £3 left to last me the month.

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