Where The F*** Are They Now?

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Today’s edition of Where The Fuck Are They Now? will focus on Abe and Ella, two Hampstead lovers who were named directly by the children as people who were abusing them.

If we have misinterpreted what the children said and these individuals are not members of a slanderous child-abusing scam, then I hope they will contact me and I will remove this post and apologise.

I hope that as people who have children, they will understand our collective concern.

Convicted fraudster Belinda McKenzie, unhinged internet troll Jacqui Farmer and fake lawyer Sabine McNeill worked closely with Abe and Ella. If Belinda, Jacqui and Sabine are innocent of the crimes of which we have frequently accused them, they too are welcome to come out of hiding and confirm that with us.

If these people are evil lying child-abusing scam artists, then the fact that three of them have fled the country (to avoid facing justice) and two have gone underground would suggest that there is indeed a scam ring in operation, working via the Whistleblower Kids and Hampstead Research websites, making sure that hoaxers keep track of their victims.


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  1. Police knocks are often 1-2 hours before the shift ends. This gets the overtime rates for working past end of shift. Hence 0500 & 1350 for Nutty. Any day.

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  2. They are on their hols no doubt about that they dont care about those kids they just wanted to clear off so that they could have some time together abe hates kids he even hit and abused his own why would he want hers tagging along spoiling all the fun she is a bit of a dish and he is a toothless shite so he would not want to lose her would he so get rid of the kids and then he can do what he wants.

    They wont come back here she aint going to see her kids for ages and ages and they will hate her i know if i was those kids i would hate her forever she dont deserve them and i hope they go back to there dad very soon. thanks to that cow Sabine there faces are going to be known forever an d they reckon they are against child abuse that is a laugh! they both should be jailed go and get them back and throw them in jail

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    • It’s worth reading your posts for the user names! Butlinshat – another classic!

      Your comment is spot-on too. Abe and Ella don’t give a shite about those poor kids and neither do the Hoaxteaders.


  3. Apologies Agent Scarlet, I can’t always use my Agent handle have to remain pretty anonymous as you know. Tunneling brings me close to enemy lines and I can’t be recognised.
    And just to let you know Agent S reported in to HQH ‘code amber’ so you know what to do.


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