The KFM’s Thoughts on the Hampstead Hoax

The Kent Freedom Movement’s views on Bellender McOnesie, Sadbint McKneel and Hampstead’s satanic panic scam.

I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye with the KFM. They are troofers, after all…and very pally with the right wing extremist Tom Cahill…and they have been known to use my photo mash-ups and pass them off as their own. But in this instance, they’re spot-on.

Thanks to Special Agent M for this link:


7 thoughts on “The KFM’s Thoughts on the Hampstead Hoax

  1. You are welcome HQH
    I have the field workers gathering more information as we speak.
    Be prepared this could be quite shocking.

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  2. Oh my goodness gracious me! That person could be me, all soft and sweet and fluffy on the outside and yet on the inside ruthless and uncaring. I too can ruin children’s lives, and I most definitely have, you can count on that one readers.

    I have made so much money over the years from you silly people, you silly little sausages you, you just give me the money, you just throw caution to the wind, does not matter what I tell you, you ping that paypal periodically. I love you all, you are my little cash converters.


  3. Bond 3, darling, the picnic was a soiree, I extended the invitation to all of my fabulous followers, they just adore me! Bond 1 and Bond 2 were majestically swooping the area for counter spies, they just can’t relax always wonderfully loyal to me. Agents D U M B all came too, we had a hoot!!
    We were sadly missing our beloved Sabine of course darling lady she was quite possibly sobbing into her VIP (Very Insane Person) mug and quite possibly is as we speak.

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