Hampstead Research: Xenophobia Update

We wish to reiterate that Hoaxtead Research is an equal opportunities “employer”. Frankly, we don’t give a flying burrito whether you’re black, white or purple with yellow spots; gay, straight, bi or a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania. If you bring the peace, we’ll provide the harmony.

Some of those on the opposing team, however, don’t always see it that way; and Jacqui the Troll‘s really going for the World record for the numbers of foreigners she can slander and countries she can hate. Three new countries have been added to her blacklist since our last roundup just a few days ago:


It’s ironic when you consider that Jacqui herself is a Salem-seeker.

Ba-dom-tsss. Thank you very much – I’m here all week 🙂



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