A Scared Poster Speaks

Thanks to one of our posters, who has emailed that s/he is “scared of Jacqui Farmer”. I have not blogged the comment but I’m sure s/he speaks for many, including some of those in the alternative media.

But I do want to say that we are not like those people who are sitting safe behind their keyboards (Sabine, Jacqui, Ella, Abe etc.), urging others to do things from their hideouts (and begging you to buy them smoothies, train tickets and lobotomies) – we are doing things ourselves. We are helping others to do things too.

We are not scared, so we are making this blog a safe space for people who are scared. So they can stay updated. That’s why we delete the trolls – so people feel safe on our blog. We feel very protective of all our members. It’s “normal” to be scared – especially if you have encountered these people in real life (such as all the Hampstead residents who have had death threats issued to them and their children).

This is serious. One of the many things we can do about these people is the collating and sharing of evidence within our team and, more importantly, with Barnet/Camden Police. This is so important.

And don’t forget that the Hoaxteaders feed on fear. They rely on it. They are all of them terrified – which is why many are leaving the Hoaxtead cult (not one person responded to Jacqui and Sabine’s edict to attend last Sunday’s protest/vigil/picnic/orgy at Christ Church). It’s a horrible life for many of them (at least three have fled the country to avoid prosecution for their crimes and at least three have had their children taken into care to protect them from abuse).

Also, it’s a constant source of joy to me to see how many good brave men and women are moved to help the children by having Jacqui, Sabine, Code 2222 and Henry’s illegal videos of the children’s confidential testimonies removed from the internet. Strong people who are moved to protect the vulnerable. People from all nations (36, according to our stats page). People from all backgrounds, orientations and ethnic groups. Black, white, Oriental or purple with yellow spots; gay, straight, bi or sweet transvestites from transsexual Transylvania. Even the decent Christians (and yes, there are some).

If you could see what I can see running this blog, you would be proud of humanity.