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This is Sabine and Neelu’s beloved ‘Meetup’ site. Always a hoot!

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Global Network for WhistleblowerKids and Hampstead Scandal

London, GB
81 Supporters

This ‘internet community of good people’ is meant to bring us together: whether in London Hampstead and Highgate where the ‘Whistleblower Kids’ reported their abuse to have ta…

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Weekly Demonstrations at Hampstead Christ Church

Sunday, May 17, 2015, 10:30 AM
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2 thoughts on “Meetup Magic

  1. Ummm… Am I missing something here? But doesn’t “Ashewo” mean “whore” in the Nigerian Yoruba Language? I recall this from my lecturing days when I once had to disentangle two warring Nigerian students (female) who were pulling each-others wigs off in the stairwell – A highly dangerous operation as both were the size of small African states; the word was being screamed at one by the other… Apparently a great insult…

    “Aje” is either ‘economic’ or pertaining to witchcraft (in the vernacular)… SO… “Ashewo Aje” is either an ‘Economic Whore’ (meaning prostitute maybe?) or a ‘Whore Witch’???

    Who, we wonder, holds the key in this ‘wind-up’?

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    • For added amusement my Sister – who happens to be married to a Greek Cypriot – tells me “Kariola” – or Καριόλα as it would be written in Greek – means (in polite parlance) “Harlot”.

      One would imagine a lerned and cunning linguist such as Belinda McKenzie would be very quick to spot such shennanigans… But, hey-ho!

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