Neelu Berry’s Next Arrest

OK, place your bets now, folks. We’re running a sweepstake on the date and time of Neelu Berry’s fourth arrest in a month. She may have missed the point of her last three arrests and clearly doesn’t mind regularly having her front door kicked in by the rozzers. Instead of heeding the warnings from the Police not to continue her hate campaign against judges, cops and Hampstead residents, she’s just posted 7 illegal posts about Hoaxtead on her Facebook page and has even created her own website to repeat her usual demands for various judges to be fined trillions of pounds for “dishonouring” her (LOL) and in some cases, for them to be hanged. Oh and lest we forget, she’s due to appear in court again in August on related charges, so on top of everything else, she’s also in contempt of court.

Here are the links – happy reading:

There are many more illegal posts on her Facebook page but you can’t post the links on WordPress. If you want to check them out, her Facebook name is Ved Chaudhari.


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