Jacqui v Araya

Ooh, trouble in paradise?

There seems to be a fundamental difference of opinion between two leading Hoaxteaders; and Jacqui appears to be accusing Araya of being a satanic baby-muncher!

“…We note that Aunty, ever the ‘master’ of illusion may have reacted to the Hampstead case by trying to normalise blood drinking. Of course, blood drinking is not normal. It is an ancient Satanic practise [sic]. But the BBC has to make people believe that Satanic practises are normal, particularly since those brave children spoke out what was going on and now the news is travelling round the world.”


~ Jacqui Farmer

“The blood that is talked about in the Bible is, well, there is three types of blood that give us life, you know. First of all, as a woman, your menses. Your mensies is a sacrificial blood, which is the blood that we bleed every month. And that blood contains a lot of vitality. Your boyfriend can drink it. You can also drink it. And it’s just amazing.”

~ Araya Soma


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