Welcome Le Dingue!

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ledingue to the battle. Ledingue, thank you for the excellent work you’ve been doing exposing Abrascam, Hella, Sadbint, Bellender, Jerky, Nutty and Yankskank on the David Icke forum; and for the wonderful messages of support you’ve left on here (and the intriguing information you’ve been sending us). And well done on ruffling Jerky’s feathers so comprehensively. She really is very angry with you. And as she herself once stated, “If they get angry at you, you must be doing something right.”


Keep the faith, mate!


Ledingue, yesterday

And thank you to our forensic linguist for this fascinating analysis of Jerky the Troll’s response to Ledingue:

HR 07 May 2015-2

4 thoughts on “Welcome Le Dingue!

  1. Thanks South, I’ll keep on going all the way to the steps of the courthouse where “Jacqui Farmer” will be found guilty of malicious harassment, defamation, slander and incitement. She’ll get hers and we’ll be there to wave at her from the public gallery!

    “She” must have twigged, unless she’s as deluded as she appears, that Belinda’s Home Office backers will, erm, sacrifice her to the complaints of those residents of Hampstead to whom she’s caused so much distress. She’s the fallen lady, Sabine’s roast lamb. And justice *will* be served.


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