Hoaxteaders Get Their Proof!

Bugger! I think we’ve lost this war. First, they “proved” that RD is a satanic baby-munching kiddy-fiddler by citing “gut feeling” as their “evidence”. This was then confirmed by their claims that he “looks shifty” and that “it’s all in his eyes”. At this point, we were lying broken and bruised and begging the ref to stop the fight. But then bam! They laid their killer blow: Ray the Savage, Nutty Neelu and Penny Pullen “proving” everyone’s guilt through the use of water-dowsing rods. Crestfallen, we genuinely considered relinquishing all our doubts, getting down on our knees and begging for mercy. I mean, who could argue with such compelling evidence? But now they’re kicking us while we’re down. Their latest video is just too much for us. We cannot compete. It’s game over, guys – we lost. This not-at-all tampered with video makes it game, set and match to the Hoaxteaders. Well played, Jacqui the Troll:


PS: just throwing this out there but if an evil-looking glint in the eyes is “proof” of guilt, I hope the Police arrest Mark Haining real soon:


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