Hampstead Research = Idle Gossip

Over there at Hampstead “Research”, Jacqui Farmer’s thorough researching protocols strike again.

A moment ago, she posted this:

“Satanists in 1960s Northern Ireland”


I take it that, as usual, she didn’t bother checking the validity of that particular piece of, let’s face it, internet gossip, as it took me less than a minute to debunk it:

“Satanic panic: how British agents stoked supernatural fears in Troubles”


And lest we forget that despite her atrocious lack of research and failure to carry out rigorous checks on information received or check the validity of her source material, she is still prepared to publish countless names and addresses of men, women and children she is told are guilty of crimes and call for her creepy followers to attack them. I’ll leave you to chew that over.