Anti-Semitism In The Truth Movement

Traditionally, conspiritards have attributed all the World’s ills to “the Illuminati”, the Bilderbergs, the Rothschilds, the Masons and shape-shifting lizards from outer space, as it helps to satisfy their paranoid fetishes. And many of those promoting the Hampstead hoax are no different, as I’m sure you’ve all witnessed. In fact, I know it’s been a source of great amusement for many of us.

Sadly, however, I’ve noticed more and more Hoaxteaders blaming their imaginary satanic ritual abuse on the Jews. Don’t ask me to explain their logic on that one – not even they can.

Suffice to say, Hampstead has a large Jewish population and regular readers of the Ham & High will have noticed an alarming rise in anti-Semitic abuse, graffiti and even assaults in the area. So-called truthers like Tom Cahill and others have been rabidly promoting anti-Jewish sentiment for years and shame on them for the hatred they’ve helped to stir up. And shame on the Hoaxteaders who are jumping on that bandwagon now that they’re running out of people to blame.

If you wish to know more about anti-Semitism among Troofers, check out this very interesting blog on the subject, sent in by one of our team who happens to be an expert on ethnic issues:


^ A wild anti-Semite spotted coughing and spluttering in the Thai jungle yesterday. Do not approach. These creatures are at their most dangerous when they need nicotine.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism In The Truth Movement

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  2. Anti Semitism is a dislike of the Semitic. I don’t see how not approving of genocide of Semites in occupied Palestine by foreigners is anti Semitic, but if you can explain this I’ll be very impressed. I can’t seem to establish what your names are. i use my real name as I’m up front about anything I cover. I comment and critique things in an open and honest manner. Hiding behind proxies and clinches is a bit of a bore. I’d sooner you consulted me before associating me with a group of Jewish subversives; especially when they nor I like each other and are totally open about this.


    • Go away, Tom. I’ve told you before – you’re not welcome here. We don’t take kindly to jungle-dwelling bronchially challenged neo-Nazis round these parts, so skedaddle.


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