The Three Hamigos

A fascinating insight into the kind of people who are perpetuating the Hampstead hoax. The highly amusing, if somewhat unhinged, interviewees here are:

1. 35:21 – Neelu Berry, here claiming that she was “kidnapped” by the Police, that she was in jail for 3 days (even though she was back posting on Facebook within 12 hours of her arrest), that her solicitor ran out of the room, that she was subjected to “Police torture” by being fed microwave food and that she was fed baby blood (her main objection being that she’s a vegetarian!).

2. 51:48 – Kevin “Wearechange” Weaver – always a hoot. The video of him ranting non-stop at some poor copper about common law made him an unbeatable ‘Just A Minute’ champion. On this interview, he proudly boasts about how he stuck up for Neelu when she was arrested by yelling her rights at the Police and trying to stop them. Unfortunately for him, however, the whole thing was caught on camera, showing him cowering in the background and basically not giving a flying fudge!

3. 1:06:36 – Ray Savage, the supposed ex-copper whose support of the child abuse allegations Hoaxteaders have cited as “proof” that they’re true. But before you get too excited, in this interview he reveals that he has “proved” that various people are child abusers through the use of…water-dowsing!