Code 2222’s Disgraceful & Illegal Activities Exposed

Code 2222 – aka Guidance 2222 (one of Jacqui Farmer’s creepy psychotic boot boys) – has committed a number of serious criminal offences in his efforts to destroy the lives of innocent people across Hampstead. In this video, witness the vile cowardly pig shouting abusive and slanderous comments about satanic baby-eating (just as he does in his videos) at a random woman in her own home…in the presence of her frightened child! This person’s activities form part of a detailed file which has been passed on to the Police team currently investigating the severe harassment of Hampstead families by Code 2222 and his fellow Bible-thumping fruitcakes.

By the way, notice that this woman that he’s accusing is completely random. He’s there to film the school and she’s just someone who happens to live near it. And he calls her a baby-eater in front of her son, with no evidence or logic to back it up. I really hope this scum gets sent down for a long time.

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