About Hoaxtead Research

Pointing out the truths that Hoaxteaders don’t want to hear and asking the questions they don’t want to answer. Then sitting back and watching them squirm as the exposures and arrests mount up.

Abe, Ella, Sabine, Jacqui, Bellender, Nutty Neelu, Sheriff Yank Skank et al have done enough damage to the Hampstead community. They have illegally published the names, addresses, phone numbers and descriptions of teachers, parents, social workers, clergymen, judges and churchgoers. They have slandered, threatened and harassed hundreds of innocent people. They have abused two vulnerable children by illegally plastering their confidential testimonies all over the web, thereby wrecking their lives as well as deterring other abused children from coming forward in future.

These nasty, evil people have broken enough laws, destroyed enough innocent lives, wreaked enough havoc, told enough lies. And it is time to stand up and say no. No more can these cowards be permitted to ride roughshod over the laws of our land and the morals that we hold dear. This is not medieval England or 17th century Salem and ridiculous satanic panic campaigns run by Bible-thumping maniacs will not be tolerated in 21st century London. Hoaxteaders, we hereby comprehensively reject  your farcical claims that an entire school shuts down every Wednesday for an orgy with the kids (without ever getting caught) – and that thousands of babies have been cooked and eaten at McDonald’s by hundreds of people.

We also reject without hesitation what you have presented as “proof”. The Police, the courts and the World’s press have proven that your claims are a blatant hoax, that a number of you have hidden agendas and that Abe is the real abuser (the children themselves have stated that he repeatedly kicked, beat and tortured and threatened to kill them in order to force them to support his lies). You, on the other hand, have presented “gut feeling”, “Ricky looks shifty – it’s all in his eyes”, cherry-picked Bible passages and water-dowsing readings and incomprehensible ramblings about Masons, Jews and Illuminati as “proof” of your ludicrous allegations. This is unacceptable, as is the incessant barrage of abuse, slander and death threats that you and your ever-dwindling army of supporters have launched against me and my associates purely because we have dared to question your “evidence”.

Furthermore, we will no longer stand for the shocking and illegal intimidation of the Hampstead community and we have passed on all our information to the Police in order to aid them in their endeavours to bring you crazies to justice, despite a number of you fleeing abroad and leaving your creepy followers to protest in your absence whilst you stir the shit from your hideouts.

And we no longer accept that you care about children. You are the real abusers and you will be prosecuted for what you have done.

Tick tock…